Tree & Shrub Program

We also care for shrubs and trees with the same philosophy, we care for the entire ecosystem. We promote good health first – healthy plants have fewer problems! Our programs include the physical inspection of the plants to determine any problems. Only plants with problems are treated. Working this way, the problems are treated individually. Only the appropriate methods and materials are used, no blanket sprays. This reduces overall pesticide use and significantly increases control, plant health and quality of the overall landscape while protecting beneficial insects.



EARLY SPRING – Dormant Oil  (March – April)

Non-toxic oil applied to smothers insect eggs and over-wintering insects, scales and mites.  [Note:  systemic material for specific insect problems may also be applied.]

SPRING – Foliar Insect Control (April – May)

The first foliar treatment is for control of the problem insects that affects the new growth of trees and shrubs.

EARLY SUMMER – Foliar Insect & Mite Control  (May – June)

The second foliar treatment is the period of greatest insect activity.

SUMMER – Foliar Insect & Mite Control (July – August)

The third foliar treatment is the period for the control of summer emerging insects and mites.

LATE SUMMER – Scale & Mite Control  (August – September)

The fourth foliar treatment is designed to control late summer scale and mites as well as hemlock wolley adelgids and insects the affect ornamental fruit trees.

FALL – Fall Horticultural Oil  (September – November)

The final treatment of the year is designed to smothers insects and their eggs to reduce pest problems for next year.


Recommended every year for specific trees and shrubs to help them resist or recover from stressful environmental conditions.  Healthy plants are your first line of defense.


Reduces damage caused by cold winter winds and low temperatures by reducing the amount of moisture lost throughout the winter months.